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What’s better than starting off your week with Michael Jordan highlights? Actually, nothing. So here’s to #mjmondays on BullsHype!

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In honor of the greatest to ever do it, Monday’s will be Michael Jordan Mondays or – #mjmondays. It seems only right, considering MJ was the reason I ever became a Chicago Bulls fan, back in the early ’90s.

Back then the Bulls were on WGN almost every night, and even though we didn’t have cable at home, somehow I found a way to watch a ton of Chicago Bulls games. Of course, once the playoffs came around, the Bulls were always must-see viewing.

As a kid, I loved Michael Jordan, which wasn’t easy growing up in Michigan (I won’t deny my fondness for Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman, but hey Isiah was a Chicago kid and Rodman was, well Rodman). Michael was a rare breed. He just “got it”. MJ knew how to market himself, he had the charm, the charisma, the shoes. Of course, he also had the killer instinct, as in, THE killer instinct. That the Bulls went 6-for-6 in the NBA Finals during the Jordan era and NEVER played a Game 7 is truly a testament to MJ’s ability to close out opponents.

There are so many MJ moments ~

  • The Shot over Craig Ehlo
  • The “spectacular move” against the Los Angeles Lakers during the first Finals run.
  • The Shrug
  • The 60+ point games
  • The Flu game
  • “I’m Back”
  • The Shot over Bryon Russell – There was no push-off, Russell’s momentum forced him to stumble. (Right?)
  • Six (6!) NBA Finals MVPs and six (6!!!!!!) World Championships

That’s obviously just a few, but enough to get us started.

It’s fun to debate who is the greatest basketball player of all time, and really, everyone’s opinion is fine. I say MJ, some say LeBron James and others may say Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and someone else could say Wilt Chamberlain. No one is actually wrong.

With all that said, I get to run this site, so I can use this platform to promote my belief that MJ was obviously the GOAT, the greatest of all time, and that’s pretty cool. I won’t too often, except for #mjmondays, because I really don’t have to. I can let his highlights do the talking.

The first #mjmonday on Bullshype features one of the greatest moments in NBA Finals history. Sit back and enjoy:


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